The experience we have matured in commercial transactional work both nationally and internationally has led us to consolidate other areas and legal services benefiting companies which are high in demand in today’s markets. This has allowed us to provide our clients with a first rate integrated service on any aspect and operation both in Italy and abroad.

We assist our clients in their acquisition (and disposal) operations in Italy and abroad, taking an active role in the following stages:

• Drafting, negotiation and finalization of any NDA agreements
• Drafting, negotiation and finalization of Letter of intents and MoUs
• Drafting, negotiation and finalization of any sales agreement
• Legal due diligence

Where necessary, we accompany our clients abroad to assist with any negotiations and closing of the deals. We also assist them in connection with Private Equity funding in respect of specific investments (international projects, start-ups, expansions etc.)

Our firm routinely advises on joint venture operations and incorporation of companies abroad by way of:

• Drafting, negotiating and finalising business plans and letters of intent/MoUs
• Drafting, negotiating and finalizing joint venture agreements
• Collection and preparation of relevant documents required for the incorporation of the Newco abroad
• Drafting, negotiating and finalizing the articles of association, memorandum and any other agreements with and amongst shareholders
• Opening of company bank accounts
• Registration of the company with relevant foreign entities and registers as required by applicable laws
• Assistance in connection with any licences and permits which may be required

When required, we accompany our clients abroad to finalise any necessary activities relating to the setting up and incorporation of the Newco abroad.

We assist our clients in relation to any contract reviews and negotiations (e.g. agency, distribution, franchising, sale, construction, leasing, transport etc) in Italian and in other languages, by way of:

• Drafting and review of any term sheet
• Negotiation and drafting of the main applicable agreement

We also provide assistance to our clients on every aspect of the deal and in relation to any issues regarding the quality of the products and services and any product liability which may arise as a result of defective products.
When requires, we assist our clients in person throughout any negotiations and meetings abroad.

We assist our client in the preparation and negotiation of the following:

• Documentary credits
• Letters of credit
• Performance bonds
• Bank guarantees
• First demand Guarantees

We also have experience in assisting clients in connection with judicial proceedings aimed at preventing the illegitimate use of such instruments by any beneficiaries.

Our firm routinely advises on the drafting, negotiation and finalization of all main agreements relating to IP such as license agreements and know-how transfer agreements, patents and trademarks.
We also assist our clients in relation to any disputes relating to the infringements of any IP rights. We are also experienced in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to professional sport performances.

The Firm is also active in the field of immigration (procedures for entering foreign citizens in Italy and Italian and foreign citizens abroad) as well as in the management of international workers’ mobility (Expatriates / Impatriates).

We have acquired considerable experience in the real estate sector, assisting private individuals and investors in their acquisitions and disposal of commercial, residential, industrial and hospitality properties, both in Italy and abroad. We assist our clients in the following:

• Title verification
• Collection and preparation of necessary documents for the transfer of the property
• Drafting, negotiation and finalization of the property sale contract
• Assistance in relation to any money transfer required
• Registration of the property acquired in the relevant applicable register and competent authorities.

We have considerable experience in the renewable energy sector (in particular solar, wind, biomass ad hydro), having assisted main national and international companies on significant projects in Italy and abroad. We assist our clients as follows:

• Assistance in relation to any steps for the construction of renewable energy plants
• Acquisition and mergers of companies operating in the renewables sector
• Legal due diligence
• Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of EPC contracts
• Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of O&M contracts
• Assistance in project financing operations and leasing for the construction of plants producing renewable energy using electricity derived itself from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydro.

We have experience in the shipping and maritime industry and have assisted some of the main Italian shipyards in connection with any aspects relating to construction contracts (including subcontracts), ship and yacht sales agreements and contracts with the yacht designers.

We assist our clients in national and international commercial disputes. Thanks to our collaborations with law firms globally, we are also able to assist our clients in connection with disputes under different jurisdictions. We have also acquired experience in assisting Italian and foreign clients in arbitral proceedings both in Italy and internationally (such as for example, the International Artbitral Chamber of Milan, the ICC, LCIA and BeICCI in Minsk). We also assist clients in relation to the recognition and enforcement of judgements made abroad and of international arbitral award.

We assist our clients in debt collections in Italy. In addition, thanks to our established network of foreign law firms, we are also able to assist our clients in relation to debt collections globally. In particular, we routinely advise on:

• Drafting and delivery of any letters before action
• Follow up calls to any debtors in English, Spanish or Italian
• Solvency checks in Italy and abroad
• Injunction proceedings in Italy and abroad.

We carry out training activities at institutions (CONFINDUSTRIA, CCIAA, ICE and ICC Italia, etc.) and for companies.
The training activities are mainly directed at the export managers of companies that need to know how to negotiate and enter into agreements with their national and foreign partners.
Formative activity, as a rule, focuses on contracts and is divided into modules starting from a basic module that provides a framework for the subject and then goes on with modules specific to the main contractual typologies.
Our courses are very practical and provide participants with information and operating tools to manage everyday activities.
As a training modality, the participants are provided with reference material (booklets) and following these lines:

• Simplify rules and language to make it accessible to everyone
• Overview of the subject with explanation of the fundamental rules
• Indication of some particular issues of fundamental importance
• Practical examples
• Practical advice for negotiating and drafting agreements and contracts